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We Have Closed Down

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. Due to circumstance beyond my control I have no choice but to close something 2 talk about down.

As you know we were running very well until our printer went down.

Sadly, business has been tough with several of the other print shops we used to supply now producing their own photobooks -that was about 80% of my business as well as now having lost hyperli as well - leaving me with zero income to produce outstanding orders and reprints.

We have a printer that will produce my outstanding orders for me please be assured that every single voucher that has been sold will be honoured -but due to cash constraints, this will take me 4 -6 months From Monday the 8/9/19 “something 2 talk about” will cease trading. The remainder of the staff We have will be retrenched I will take on the duty of getting outstanding orders on all by myself. My time will be limited as I have now had to take a job. We will no longer have telephonic support and I will do my best to respond to clients via email as fast as possible.

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